Teachers take care to organize special days to enable students to connect their learning with their day-to-day living, such as food day, i.e when they learn topics on food, children bring many food items and cook them in the Campus, and eat them together. This enables them to work and eat and play together in harmony. Similarly we have costume day, when children wear costumes of different states in India.

Apart from these, children observe important global days such as, ‘World Diabetics Day’, ‘World Reading Day’, ‘World Hand Washing Day’, World Thrift Day’, ‘International Women’s Day’ etc. when children give a talk or conduct a quiz or perform a skit to convey the theme of the day to everyone.

In addition weekly special interest classes are held for Kung-Fu, Skating, Music and Dance, and Arts & Craft classes where children make cards, paint pots, do glass painting, toy making etc.